DaVALS White Buffalo Farms, Inc.
Home of Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo
David, Valerie, and Corey Heider
2739 South River Road ~ Janesville, Wisconsin 53546
(608) 752-2224 or (608) 741-9632
Gift Shop Information:
The tiny Gift Shop at the Heider family farm sells small items like feathers gathered from the ground at the farm from their many different farmed or rescued wildfowl.  The feathers may be goose, turkey, emu, quail, pheasant, or others.  Depending on availability, sage, sage bundles, sweetgrass braids, a few books, stones, a few t-shirts, and 4" x 6" reprints of Miracle's photos may also be for sale.

Please call for product availability and pricing.

The people who work in the museum-gift shop are members of the Heider family or neighbors who volunteer their time.  They are most happy to answer any of your questions so please feel free to ask.

Of course, frozen buffalo meat, buffalo jerky, buffalo steaks and roasts, buffalo burger, buffalo sausages, and buffalo meat sticks are also available for sale since that continues to be the basic business with the small Heider buffalo herd founded in 1990.  See the Bison Meat Product List on this website for more information on products, prices, and shipping options.
Gift Shop Open Daily  10:00am to 4:00pm Central Time

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Credit Cards Accepted

Mail Order Available Upon Request
Shipping Costs will be determined
at time order is placed
Thank You!  ~  Dave and Val Heider